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Teeth Whitening

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There’s more than one way to achieve a whiter, brighter smile. Choose from One Visit in-office Zoom! Whitening® or At-Home Bleaching.

ZOOM-ZOOM! Whitening® One-Visit Teeth Whitening

This exciting technology allows you to whiten your teeth in a single office visit. The procedure is safe and effective with long –lasting results. Select a movie from our film menu, sit back and relax, and emerge with the whiter smile you’ve always wanted. We can recommend the best maintenance program to be sure you keep your whiter smile bright.

Take Home

Trays. Custom fit upper & lower trays hold the bleaching gel close to the teeth allowing an extremely effective means of brightening your smile.

Strips. Tres-White strips similar to drug store strips but with a convenient carrier that insures great adaptation to your teeth.